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Cost of Services

Initial Consultation

Initial Visit Child (Under 12 yrs). $120

Initial Consultation

Initial Visit Adult (12 yrs and Older). $200

Follow Up Visit

Office Visit 15 Minutes. $50

Follow Up Visit

Office Visit 20 Minutes. $66

Follow Up Visit

Office Visit 30 Minutes. $100

Initial Hunter Scan

Initial Visit $150

Follow Hunter Scan

Office Visit $110


IV Push

Per session $80

IV Drip

Per session (250ML) $150

IV Chelation Therapy

Per session $150

Lymphatic Drainage

Per 30 Minutes session $80

Lymphatic Drainage

Per 60 Minutes session $160

Neural Therapy / Prolotherapy

Per session $150

Vega Select

Per session $47

Labs And Diagnostics

E95 Allergies

Test $350

E95 & E95 Combo

Test $540

Hormonal Testing

Dried Urine Hormone

Test $450

Saliva Hormone Menopause

Basic test $235

Saliva Hormone Peri-Menopause

Basic test $255

Organic Acid

Test $420

Urine Toxic Heavy Metal

Test $200